The ClearCoverage Program (Program) is unique and the criteria to qualify is intended to attract and reward Professional Small Business Owners (SBO’s) operating in the commercial transportation sector, who share our vision and qualities that we know result in success. The Program is a preferred market as it provides:

    • Flexibility:  Creates options for small fleets.
    • Service:  Exceeds industry standards.  Agency principals work directly with Program principals and seasoned underwriters.
    • Comprehensive Approach:  All lines of coverage including Auto Liability, Cargo, General Liability and Physical Damage. 

    Target Market

    The primary focus will be on small fleets of vehicle & equipment types which can be defined as 1-10 drivers.  Generally, these small fleets are Independent Contractor drivers but can also be employee or mixed operations.  The Program has been designed for small businesses that represent a good risk but may not be as sophisticated as some of the larger Carriers. The program has many attributes that helps the SBO manage their business and procure products and services at competitive rates. The Program can also be tailored to accommodate Carriers and Corporate Small Package Accounts with above average characteristics. 

    Profile of Typical Insured

    • Cleared Background Check, Drug Screen and Motor Vehicle Report for each insured driver
    • Annual Safety Training Certification for each insured driver.
    • Understands and accepts a high-deductible Program.
    • Acceptable commodities.  (See list of excluded commodities)
    • Low frequency and severity of historical losses. 

    Excluded Commodities

    • Household Goods/White Glove Operations (General Liability & Cargo)
    • Hazardous Materials
    • Liquid Haulers
    • Pharmaceutical Line Hauls

    Data and Information Needs

    Owner & Driver Information

    • First & Last Name
    • Address, City, State, Zip Code
    • Home and/or Unique Cell Phone
    • Social Security Number
    • Gender
    • Date of Birth
    • Unique & Accessible Email Address
    • Valid Drivers License - Document
    • Safety Training Certificate - Document
    •   Screenings (Background Check, Drug and MVR Report) - Document

    Business Information

    • Business Name
    • Business Address, City, State, Zip Code (If Different)
    • Business Phone (If Different)
    • Proof of Formation - Document
    • Employer Identification Number, IRS SS4 Form - Document
    • DOT & MC Forms (If Applicable) - Document
    • Safer Report (If Applicable) - Document
    • CAB Report (If Applicable) - Document

    Vehicle Information

    • Vehicle Registration - Document
    • Lien Holder Information – (If Applicable)

    Loss Runs

    • 3 Years of Loss Runs - Document
    • <OR> Signed Loss Declaration - Document

    *Proof of personal insurance coverage may be required to obtain certain ClearCoverage products.

    Key Program Documents 

    Internal  (Used between CCS and Agency Partners)

    Agency Partner Roadmap

    This document depicts the Gen 1 process flow between Agency partners and CCS in a narrative form.  This is a high level listing (level 1) of process steps.  Additional detail and steps will be added as the program is matured.

    External  (Used with potential customers and insureds)

    Who We Are (Example)

    This is an example.  We will create similar collateral with each agency partner!  One page document introducing ClearConnect Solutions and the respective  Agency Partner.  designed to share with drivers that are probably hearing about us for the first time. 

    Do you qualify

    This single page document is design to be handed to the driver/contractors so they understand the insurance program qualifications.  The questions here are specifically mapped to our underwriting criteria as well.

    Screening Criteria - 2018

    Summary document illustrating our screening requirements..  This is the foundation of our program and is required for underwriting by every insured.