ClearConnect Solutions Officially Launches Services in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas

Atlanta, GA, June 2016 - ClearConnect Solutions (“CCS”) enables entrepreneurs, Independent Contractors and Small Business Operators (“SBO”s) to start, manage and grow a small transportation business.  Founding partners Mark Tuchmann, Sandra Foster and Scott Grandys are pleased to announce the official launch of services in the Dallas/Fort Worth TX market.   This is the second major market for CCS whose services have been available in the Atlanta, GA area since last year.

CCS services allow Transportation Companies, Motor Carriers, Brokers, 3PL’s and Freight Forwarders to efficiently find and connect with Independent Contractors who have properly established themselves as Small Business Operators by meeting Industry and Regulatory Standards.  Our platform allows Independent Contractors / Small Business Operators and Companies to easily connect based on unique search parameters.

“We have built our company with a specific focus on helping Independent Contractors / Small Business Operators in the Transportation Industry properly establish themselves as true business owners and connect with Carriers in need of their services,” stated Sandra Foster, Customer Experience Leader, ClearConnect Solutions.  “There are so many Independent Contractors that are eager to properly establish their small businesses in the Transportation Industry and connect with Carriers, but there is no one to guide them.  We are excited to offer that assistance with a goal of helping our Independent Contractor customers successfully grow their businesses.” adds Sandra.

“In addition to assisting Independent Contractors / Small Business Operators get established and connect with Carriers, we also help Carriers reduce their compliance and misclassification risks,” states Scott Grandys, Strategy Leader, ClearConnect Solutions.  “The Transportation Industry been the target of various regulatory and legal attacks regarding Independent Contractor classification and we believe our services will shift the paradigm by creating true business relationships between Independent Contractors and Carriers,” adds Scott.

For more information about CCS visit their website at or contact them at (866) 579-0778.  Click Here to view videos about ClearConnect Solutions. 


Andrew Foster

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