Engagement and Communication

Process Flow

Initial Strategy / Engagement Document


Driver Meeting Logistics and Registration Links


There will not be Face-to-Face driver meetings for this project.  All efforts will be virtual.

Driver Registration Process Link

This link will be used for driver registration and will kick off the compliance process with CCS.  This link will be shareable with the drivers, but it is important that we do not share it in advance of our marketing / information maerials.  History has shown that if the drivers don't hear from us first, that the process slows tremendously.

Registration Landing Page Link:  DSA Landing Page


Documents we will be using with Drivers

Pre-Meeting Documents

Join US - Meeting FLyer

This flyer will be distributed to the drivers prior to face to face introductory meetings.  It will be our intro flyer and it may be an attachment to an initial "Carrier" communication.   This document will need to be developed with the "carrier".  Template attached as starting point.

During Meeting Documents

Who We Are

1 page document introducing ClearConnect Solutions and ClearInsure Agency to drivers that are probably hearing about us for the first time.

Driver Presentation

This is the document that will be used during our Face to Face meetings with drivers.  It is the document that should be used to introduce CCS and CIA to any driver that cannot make the F2F meetings.

Do you qualify

This single page document is design to be handed to the driver/contractors so they understand the insurance program qualifications.  The questions here are specifically mapped to our underwriting criteria as well.

Data Release Authorization Form

This document will be used for the drivers authorization to allow data transfer from carrier to ClearConnect / ClearInsure.

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Carrier Requirements & Checklist

Single sheet checklist for drivers to understand the data and documentation they will need before they begin the registration and compliance processes.  This document will need to be developed with the "carrier".  Templates are available to start from.

Driver Registration - A CCS Cheat Sheet

Single sheet step by step guide designed to walk drivers from "welcome email" through to fully registered in the CCS system.

Lloyd's Insurance Program (DSA Specific)

Summary document illustrating our Lloyd's program.  Provides a description our "bundled offerings" and three examples of costs (Courier, Cargo Van, small Box Truck).  We also provided these examples across 3 city types (Major, Surrounding, NYC).  Attached file reflects Insel and $300k elections.