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The Future of Commercial Trucking: 2021 Town Hall Series

January 13, 2021 | By ClearConnect Solutions

Since 2014, losses from commercial trucking insurance claims have been on the rise. The severity of loss has accelerated and rates have nearly doubled, creating a real problem for the future of the industry. With a loss ratio over 100 for over 7 years, how will the industry be able to sustain itself? In response

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ClearConnect Solutions, LLC and Matrix Telematics Partner to Offer the Transportation and Insurance Industries Proactive Risk Mitigation Technology

May 05, 2020 | By ClearConnect Solutions

Purcellville, VA – ClearConnect Solutions Group, LLC, a leader in assisting the transportation and insurance industries with the management of risk, partners with Matrix Telematics to provide a unique risk mitigation technology that will help the transportation and insurance industries proactively reduce claims, losses and costs. Matrix Telematics delivers innovative telematics solutions to fleet operators

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3 Tips to Streamline Driver Onboarding

April 28, 2020 | By ClearConnect Solutions

Now, more than ever, your ability to onboard employees remotely is critical to building and maintaining your workforce. In the transportation industry, where employees are often geographically dispersed, the need for remote onboarding is ever-present. Moreover, you need an onboarding process that is efficient for both your organization and the drivers themselves. In this blog,

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Automation: The Key to Staying Compliant in the Transportation Industry

February 04, 2020 | By ClearConnect Solutions

The transportation industry is among the most highly regulated segments of the U.S. economy, and for good reason – those regulations are there to help keep our nation’s roadways safe. Many organizations have a say in overseeing various parts of the industry, starting with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA), whose mission it is

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Your FMCSA Score: What It Is and How to Manage It

January 28, 2020 | By ClearConnect Solutions

The transportation and insurance industries are in a symbiotic relationship. Trucking firms want to keep their insurance premiums in check, and insurers want to avoid large payouts. To meet both objectives, insurance companies stipulate that transport companies put systems into place to minimize their exposure to risk and thus lower the probability of loss. Insurers

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The Trucking Industry Insurance Landscape: What’s Driving Rate Increases?

December 10, 2019 | By ClearConnect Solutions

The trucking industry is facing cost escalations from multiple directions. Driver shortages, rising fuel prices, and necessary investments in technology are putting increased demands on their already narrow margins. Insurance rates, however, have represented the largest area of growth in operational expenses. In a recent report, the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) found the trucking

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3 Trends Driving Costs in the Trucking Industry

October 30, 2019 | By ClearConnect Solutions

As a player in the transportation industry, you impact every person’s daily experience — from the coffee mugs they use, to the jewelry they’re wearing, to the garden hoses in their backyards — all were delivered by a truck. A dominant contributor to the U.S. economy, trucks moved 11.5 billion tons of freight (71 percent

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[Whitepaper] How Transportation Companies Can Streamline Insurance and Regulatory Compliance

October 07, 2019 | By ClearConnect Solutions

Explore the state of the transportation industry, highlight current compliance-related responsibilities, and identify practical approaches to keep your insurance and regulatory compliance obligations in check.

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