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Celebrating The Women Who Inspire Us And Drive Change

March 14, 2023 | By ClearConnect Solutions

Celebrating Women Leaders in Transportation Insurance and Trucking

For Women’s History Month, we’re celebrating three female-led businesses who are fueling the growth and innovation in transportation, insurance and technology. We’re honored to work with these incredible businesses and the women who lead them.

AND, it wouldn’t be Women’s History Month without taking a moment to shine the light on our very own team of strong and talented women at ClearConnect Solutions!  Read on to be inspired and empowered with the women of today and our future.

Meet the Companies and Their Leaders

Lloyd’s Lab led by Rosie Denee
Rosie Denee

Lloyd’s Lab Led by Rosie Denee

Rosie Denee leads the Lloyd’s Lab in London, an accelerator program that supports, collaborates and cultivates solutions to today’s InsurTech challenges. Her foresight, creativity and expertise in InsurTech is fundamental to Lloyd’s Lab’s continued innovative success.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Rosie through our partnership with Lloyd’s Lab as a Cohort member and are excited to continue our collaboration.

Shamrock Holak

Shamrock Insurance Agency –
Founded and Led by Shamrock Holak

Shamrock Holak has over 20 years of insurance experience. She’s leveraged her knowledge across multiple insurance industries to now own and lead an independent insurance agency since 2018.

Her spirited, can-do attitude and expertise in vehicle and commercial fleet insurance has laid the foundation for a long-lasting partnership with the ClearConnect Solutions team. We look forward to witnessing Shamrock’s impact as her business brings products and services to the commercial trucking community.

Ellen Voie

Women in Trucking Led and Founded by Ellen Voie

The Women in Trucking Association is a non-profit founded in 2007 and led by CEO and President, Ellen Voie. She is a reputable speaker and authority on gender diversity and inclusion for women in non-traditional careers in transportation. Women in Trucking’s mission is to encourage and support women in the trucking profession, embrace and celebrate their successes and help women through adversity and obstacles they face in this industry.

We honor, celebrate and respect the amazing work Women in Trucking is doing for women, gender diversity, and inclusion!

Women with the ClearConnect Solutions Team

ClearConnect Solutions values female leadership and is honored to have many talented women on the ClearConnect team. We took a minute to ask them,

“What does Women’s History Month (WHM) mean to you?”  Here’s what they said…

“As thankful as I am to the many trailblazers who’ve come before me, I am mostly thankful to the women whose stories are untold – those who stood their ground, told people no, and fought for their beliefs. I will always feel indebted to them, and hope I am making them proud.”

-Zoey Medrano, Operations Manager

“Women’s history month is important to me because it is a time to reflect on women’s achievements, struggles, and empowerment. A current example is Katya Echazarreta, a 26 year old female electrical engineer and first Mexican woman to go to space. She’s an inspiration to me because she’s Mexican like me and fought throughout the stereotypes to become who she is now.”

Stefany Barragan, Telematics Coordinator

“Women’s History Month is important to me because it is time to reflect how far women have come and acknowledge the contributions that we make, not only in our homes, but also in the work force and in society as a whole.”

-Jessica Perez, Telematics Manager

We thank all of the strong, independent and confident women featured here today.

We are grateful.