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ClearConnect Solutions specializes in data-driven technology solutions, from driver compliance and screenings to managing and monitoring risk for fleet insurers and policyholders.

Risk Score Monitoring

The Risk Score Monitoring Service analyzes and monitors real-time driver and fleet data. Risk is monitored daily and captured through Telematics Data Monitoring, FMCSA Risk Monitoring, and Individual and Business Risk Monitoring (liens, lawsuits, etc.) – enabling insurers and underwriters to evaluate risk scores and underwrite policies more accurately and efficiently.

Underwriting Risk View

The Underwriting Risk View connects crucial data points in an easy to understand VIEW to quickly assess an insured’s risk – FMCSA Risk Report, VIN Ownership, Individual Risk and Business Risk Reports (liens, lawsuits, etc.) – access up to 2,000 views per report! This service helps fleet insurers, re-insurers, agents, MGA’s and underwriters with underwriting policies.

Telematics Services

The Telematics Services provide real-time driver and fleet data—including crash reporting, vehicle maintenance alerts, fuel use, GPS route optimization and driver behavior (with the use of AI dash cams) that can be integrated with API, seamlessly.

Compliance Services

The Compliance Services is an integrated platform that enables fleet owners and insurers to manage driver and fleet compliance, and driver onboarding requirements and documents. An easy to use dashboard interface streamlines driver compliance and insurance policy management.

Access the entire Screenings suite such as MVR’s, expired docs, fleet equipment, driver qualifications and more.

Screenings Services

The Screenings Services can be accessed through the Compliance platform. Insurers and fleet owners can customize a driver and fleet program with a variety of screening options:
Background Check, Drug Screening, Automated Motor Vehicle Report (MVR), FMCSA Risk Report, Violation Report, Business and Individual Risk Reports, VIN Check and Auto Adjudication.

Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) Services

Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) Screening Service enables insurers to run over 100 MVR’s at once, saving hours of valuable time. With automated and/or auto adjudicated MVR features, insurers can process claims and policy approvals automatically and receive a simple pass, fail, or needs review status.

Insurance Partnerships

ClearConnect Solutions partners with insurance agencies to bring fleet owners comprehensive, end-to-end driver onboarding, safety, compliance and risk management solutions. Insurers benefit from using its data-driven solutions that help insureds build a safer driver workforce and improve insurance policies.

Ever wondered how optimizing driving routes, increasing fuel efficiency and accessing real-time MVR’s can improve underwriting and insurance policies for fleets?


Risky Driving Behavior

Route & Fuel Optimization

Vehicle Maintenance Alerts

Crash Detection

MVR Automation

Driver Screenings

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