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Everee and ClearConnect Solutions Combine Forces — Changing the Way Drivers are Paid

March 01, 2023 | By ClearConnect Solutions
Everee Payroll Solutions, a ClearMarketplace partner
The Everee Instant Pay feature makes paying drivers easy.

With over 1.3 million employed in U.S. delivery services, freight transportation companies continue to expand in today’s market. For these companies, integrating a payroll platform that can simplify payment processing AND allow drivers to receive earnings fast, is not just good for business, but considered a requirement for recruiting and retaining skilled drivers. 

ClearConnect Solutions has partnered with Everee, a payments provider, to combine its technologies in fleet and driver compliance with Everee’s integrated payroll system. Together, they can deliver faster driver payments, minimized payroll errors and streamlined driver onboarding.

In this blog post, we’re exploring fleet payroll and onboarding challenges, driver payment expectations, and how Everee is changing the payroll experience for drivers and fleet managers. You’ll hear inside stories from workers who depend on time-sensitive payments, and how the transportation industry is bridging the payment gap—from completed work to earnings in-pocket.

Everee – Faster Payments, Better Payroll Processing

Meet Everee. Everee is a payroll solutions company that’s made it their mission to improve the payroll experience for employers and workers. They serve several industries from transportation and delivery to gig and labor markets. 

When it comes to the commercial driver community, Everee is  committed to changing the way drivers are paid and eliminating valuable time spent managing—an often tedious and manual—payroll process that can now be achieved with the click of a button. 

Bridging the Payment Gap

Waiting to receive earnings for completed work is something  the labor force is all too familiar with and is the foundation of Everee’s business. The old way of doing payroll forces workers and employers to take out payday loans or rack up excessive debt on credit cards to either pay basic bills or make payroll. 

Driver Team Looking At Bills

“Three billion dollars annually is taken out in payday loans.” (Everee)

After co-founder Ron Ross and CEO, Brett Barlow, shared similar personal stories about waiting days and even weeks for a paycheck to show up, they knew there was a better way to get paid and process funds. “Our co-founder, Ron Ross, shared his story: his daughter kept running out of money because the timing of her payday and bills didn’t match.” (Brett Barlow, Everee)

They started Everee in 2018 and have been working on this principle since then—helping companies and workers with a new way of processing payments and getting paid faster.

Benefits for Fleet Managers and Owner-Operators

For fleet managers and owner-operators, managing fleet driver payroll, plus continuing to recruit and onboard new drivers is a challenge. Integrating Everee’s payroll platform offers a range of benefits to make payday easy.

  • Recruit and retain drivers with Instant Pay
  • Fill driver shifts faster 
  • Process payments immediately
  • Reduce operational stress: cash flow, compliance and 1099 filings
  • Improve cash flow with Everee Credit (available to qualified businesses)
  • Bulk instant payments: upload multiple driver payments at once

“The Interface is so easy to use.” 

(Jemma Hanson, Director of Operations, Dlivrd)

Companies like Dlivrd, a platform that connects aggregators with delivery partners, was growing at an exponential rate and needed a better payment solution to support their customer base. With Everee’s easy to use payments technology, Dilvrd can now process payroll in minutes!

Benefits for Drivers

Commercial drivers, non-CDL drivers, and couriers often need – and deserve – to get paid when the work is done. Waiting weeks for earnings creates stress and strain on the job that can simply be avoided with Everee’s fast payment solutions.

  • Get paid instantly with Instant Pay
  • Receive funds as soon as a job is complete
  • Update personal details, see paystubs, sign tax docs
  • Receive funds to a bank account or apps like Venmo

Sam Hart, Operations Team Lead with Dlivrd, says it best, 

“Fast pay matters.”

With Everee’s real-time Instant Pay, it makes recruiting and retaining happier drivers, well, better. 

How does the Payroll Integration Work?

Everee makes implementing a new payroll system easy. You can integrate Everee’s payroll technology through your own app or platform, or use Everee’s app directly with zero development work.  Whichever integration you choose, the results are the same—streamlined driver payroll, up and running in as little as FOUR WEEKS.

For example, if you’re already using a driver compliance platform like ClearTrac by ClearConnect Solutions, you can easily embed Everee’s payroll technology for a seamless integration. Manage driver data, payments, deposits, personal contractor/employee details and tax docs all in one place.

The Everee and ClearConnect Solutions Difference

With Everee and ClearConnect Solutions’ partnership, transportation companies can streamline their payroll and compliance operation while expediting driver pay—INSTANTLY and EASILY. Your business may just have the leading edge.

Learn more about our ClearMarketplace partnership and Everee’s fleet payroll solutions today. Driver payments made, instantly — with Everee.