Ep4 Georg Kaufmann

Risky Business
Risky Business
Ep4 Georg Kaufmann

In this episode, Scott Grandys interviews Georg Kaufmann, the principal software architect at Lowers Risk Group. He has been in the software engineering space since 2003.

They talk about their experience together at Lloyd’s Lab Cohort 9, machine learning, and ClearConnect’s upcoming ClearTrac launch.

[01:20] Georg Kaufmann’s background and expertise

[03:53] Georg’s work with the United States Coast Guard

[07:02] Learning about trucking, risk, and insurance

[14:39] The Lloyd’s Lab Experience

[22:59] Machine learning and predictive analytics

[27:30] Great things take time

[30:44] ClearConnect’s product launch

Before ClearTrac, Georg admits to not knowing a whole lot about trucking and insurance. But as he got to sift through the collected information on drivers, fleets, compliance, and other data points – he was able to get a clearer picture of the industry.

Millions of data points can be processed through machine learning to come up with models and algorithms. As we continue to feed it data, the more accurate it becomes. In no time, it will be able to predict trends and prevent accidents.

Scott and Georg both remember their time at Lloyd’s Lab fondly. It was a 10 week accelerator program where they were able to learn new things and see data in a new light. Like any fast paced program comes the usual stresses of meeting deadlines and expectations. Now as ClearConnect’s newest product launch is on the horizon, they are confident that it will bring tremendous value, while recognizing that future revisions are necessary to keep improving the system.