How Risky Business Got Its Name, Episode 6 w/Bekah Evans, Lowers Risk Group

Risky Business
Risky Business
How Risky Business Got Its Name, Episode 6 w/Bekah Evans, Lowers Risk Group

In this episode, Scott Grandys interviews Bekah Evans, a Software QA Analyst from Lowers Technologies.

They talk about how the “Risky Business” name came to be and their experience working together on the project.

[01:00] Bekah Evan’s background and expertise

[04:38] Coining the name “Risky Business”

[09:31] Learning about trucking, risk, and insurance

[16:45] Risky Business for truckers’ mental health

[21:02] Working on the project least/fave

[24:44] Risky Business for self-driving and electric vehicles

Bekah and Scott participated on a team together for a week-long codeathon. After building the prototype, their team was brainstorming names for it. Since they were talking about risk, the iconic scene from the Risky Business movie came to Bekah’s mind and suggested they go with that. Although meant as a joke, the rest of the team members loved it and so “Risky Business” was born.

Prior to working on this, Bekah was not well-versed in trucking and insurance. Through Scott’s guidance, she was able to learn a lot more about the industry. Their team was able to work together well because of the constant feedback and clear communication. Bekah mentions that she enjoys tasks related to the UI/UX of the platform while her least favorite tasks are working on the backend of things.

Bekah envisions the Risky Business technology to expand its application to mental health. Truck drivers are often first responders in road accidents. Witnessing such traumatic cases can negatively impact their health and well-being.