Disrupt InsurTech with Rosie Denée at Lloyd’s Lab, Episode 8

Risky Business
Risky Business
Disrupt InsurTech with Rosie Denée at Lloyd's Lab, Episode 8

In this episode, Scott Grandys interviews Rosie Denée, Senior Manager at Lloyd’s Lab. They talk about the InsurTech Accelerator Program and what actually goes on during the ten-week time period each cohort is working with Lloyd’s Lab.

[01:02] Rosie Denée’s background and expertise

[02:53] History of Lloyd’s Lab

[07:00] How to apply for the InsurTech accelerator program

[12:13] What to expect at the Lloyd’s Lab

[18:17] What Rosie loves about her job

[21:30] Memorable Lloyd’s Lab applicant

[25:08] Scott’s experience at InsurTech

[31:05] Insurance is not boring

The Lloyd’s Lab Accelerator is a ten-week program that gives teams the chance to develop a product for the Lloyd’s market. Around ten teams are chosen per cohort, with every team given access to mentorship. Lloyd’s Lab is a focused environment where applicants get to network and receive product validation.

You don’t need to be in the insurance industry to apply for the InsurTech Accelerator Program. The different backgrounds make for an interesting pool of applicants who bring unique solutions and ideas to the forefront. Interested applicants can expect the ten weeks to be jam-packed, so your undivided time and attention will be required. At the end of the program, your product or platform will need to find an application in the Lloyd’s market.

Be brave to disrupt the market and make a change. And have faith that the mentors will provide you with support. Failure is not something to be afraid of, because it’s just another opportunity for growth and learning.

If you’re interested in applying for the Lloyd’s Lab Accelerator Program, send an email to lloydslab@lloyds.com or visit their website for more information.