Since 2014, losses from commercial trucking insurance claims have been on the rise. The severity of loss has accelerated and rates have nearly doubled, creating a real problem for the future of the industry.

With a loss ratio over 100 for over 7 years, how will the industry sustain itself? 

In response to this very real threat to motor carriers, drivers, insurers, agents, and retailers, ClearConnect is hosting a Town Hall series to transparently discuss why this is happening, the potential risk to the industry, and potential solutions with subject matter experts who are advocating change.

Watch this first session to:

  • Learn more about common “hurdles to change” in commercial trucking.
  • Gain insight on current loss rates statistics and what they mean for the industry.
  • Observe how technology can help get the right driver behind the wheel.
  • Learn new strategies to manage driver behavior and driver operation.
  • Identify new ways to incentivize good decision making.

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Scott Grandys
ClearConnect Solutions, LLC and the ClearCoverage Program

Phil Powell
Sales Director,
Matrix Telematics

Mike Clifton
Head of Treaty,
Chaucer Syndicate 1084

Mark Tuchmann
TIP National