ClearConnect Solutions, LLC assists the transportation and insurance industries with the management of risk through niche products, services and partnerships focused on compliance assessment and risk analysis.

ClearTrac, the compliance technology developed by ClearConnect Solutions, is a platform that functions as a one stop shop for verifying compliance, conducting training, and collecting necessary documents and data to take the stress out of managing compliance.


Scott A. Grandys
President, ClearConnect Solutions, LLC

Scott Grandys co-founded ClearConnect Solutions, LLC and the ClearCoverage program. With more than two decades of experience in the transportation industry, Scott focuses specifically on technology and compliance by incorporating the technical side of practical applications to create the best practices. Scott has worked hand-in-hand with all necessary components including legality, compliance, technology, and insurance.

Mark Tuchmann
Board Member/Co-Founder, ClearConnect Solutions, LLC

Mark co-founded ClearConnect Solutions and the ClearCoverage Program. He is the past founder and CEO of one of the largest and leading providers of time-critical, same-day transportation and logistics services in the United States. Mark’s expertise and background in all facets of transportation, insurance and risk mitigation has been instrumental in building the team.

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