Gain a more complete picture of your insureds.

Streamline underwriting, enrollment, and ongoing customer compliance for your insureds in the transportation industry.

A portal of visibility for insurers in the transportation industry.

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Insurers in the transportation industry are taking steps to rebalance the pendulum of loss that has swung out of their favor in recent years. To get in balance, underwriters are looking for greater visibility into key factors that drive risk and determine their probability of loss.

ClearTrac from ClearConnect Solutions provides the visibility you’re looking for to streamline underwriting, enrollment, and ongoing customer compliance.

Get complete visibility into the risks associated with an insured entity.

ClearTrac goes beyond CSA scores to help you quickly assess the factors that truly drive risk, safety, and compliance.

Control compliance with underwriting guidelines and requirements.

Guide your prospective insureds through a line by line assessment of the factors that drive underwriting decisions.
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Obtain real-time views and alerts of critical compliance events.

For existing policies, ClearTrac gives you a top down view of each insured fleet and scheduled driver to ensure ongoing compliance. Set triggers to be alerted of critical compliance events.

Streamline your approach to data collection and onboarding.

Screening, data, and document requirements are captured through our user-friendly web and mobile portal.

Write more business, with less risk.

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