ClearTrac 360-Degree Risk View

When drivers move, so does risk. ClearTrac follows along.

Ensuring the drivers associated with a company operate safely and in compliance with rules, regulations, laws and underwriting requirements can be a daunting task. ClearTrac brings the power of its live 360-degree risk view to the transportation and insurance industries.

Top-Down View

ClearTrac gives stakeholders in the transportation and insurance industries a top-down view into the risk associated with drivers out on the road.

Monitoring Services

ClearTrac offers services that monitor motor vehicle, conviction, and arrest records. ClearTrac can alert stakeholders if something in a driver’s risk profile has changed.

Auto Adjudication Services

ClearTrac allows risk criteria to be established then automatically measures a driver’s risk results against the defined criteria to determine compliance.

Telematic Data

ClearTrac interacts with live telematic data as part of a driver's risk profile to understand the daily performance of the driver against established compliance criteria.


ClearTrac monitors FMCSA & CSA Data surrounding Motor Carrier SMS, Inspection, Crash and Fitness Performance.

“The ClearConnect program gives us confidence in the driver files. I can go into the program and everything I need to monitor is being done automatically by ClearConnect.”

Idi Clark, Founder & Owner, Rhema Transportation
Insured through the TIP National ClearCoverage Program

Key Features


Monitor and report key factors associated with equipment operated in the transportation industry. These services allow a real-time view into a driver’s everyday habits on the road and can be used to establish the level of risk associated with their performance.

Auto adjudication

Establish your risk criteria and ClearTrac automatically measures each driver's risk results to determine compliance.

Court records monitoring

ClearTrac is fully integrated with systems that monitor an individual’s real-time record and alerts stakeholders of any arrest and/or conviction activity.

Driver qualification files

ClearTrac allows interstate motor carriers to store data and documents that are required for compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) driver qualification file rules and regulations.

Background checks

ClearTrac is fully integrated with background screening providers. The system allows transportation companies to order background checks as part of their driver qualification files and insurers to get results as to whether drivers meet underwriting criteria.

Drug screening

ClearTrac is fully integrated with drug screening providers that allow companies to order a variety of services including pre-employment, post-accident, and random programs.

MVR reports

ClearTrac is fully integrated with motor vehicle report providers so records can be ordered, scored, and monitored as part of a driver’s risk profile.

Risk Profile Report

ClearTrac reports on many factors that surround a driver’s risk profile. The data points can be used to manage initial and ongoing risk mitigation strategies in the transportation and insurance industries.

Safety training

ClearTrac offers safety training courses designed to help drivers follow a path to safe driving habits.

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