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CRUNCH Fleet Data – How Do We Make Sense of Telematics Data Once We Have It?

August 11, 2023 | By ClearConnect Solutions

The Three C’s of Telematics Data: CAPTURE, CRUNCH and CRITIQUE!

Sometimes managing your fleet can feel like you require a title like: “Data Analyst, Data Architect, or Data Engineer.” With a telematics system like ClearTelematics, powered by Matrix iQ, your fleet’s data can be analyzed and reported, without requiring a fancy job title.

As a fleet manager or owner-operator, you have a lot on your plate already; trying to break down your telematics data into reports you can digest doesn’t need to be one of them. Leave the data reporting and analytics to us.

Get ready to CRUNCH that data with ease.

With advanced telematics analytics and reporting, through the ClearTelematics and Matrix iQ platform, we’ll “CRUNCH”, interpret and report the DATA for you. You’re immediately connected–in real-time–with day-to-day driver behavior and vehicle activity through automated reporting all in one place.

– No more long hours trying to decipher technical fleet data and cleaning up disorganized reports.

– No need to pull data from multiple sources and cobble reports together. With our advanced Telematics Reporting capabilities, it’s all done for you and ready to view, print or download, when you need it.

– Clear, organized, easy-to-understand reports are automatically generated on a daily and monthly basis.

Our fleet management reports include a range of reporting capabilities to make managing your fleet simple and efficient including:

– Crash reporting, incident reporting, vehicle activity reporting, driver behavior reporting, dash cam reporting, and insurance risk reporting.

Stay tuned for the last feature in this series–the Three C’s of Telematics–CRITIQUE the DATA!

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