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Telematics Manager Jessica Perez on Helping Fleet Owners Learn About Their Drivers Through Data Capture and Analytics

October 06, 2022 | By ClearConnect Solutions

Telematics manager at ClearConnect Solutions

Jessica Perez gets a charge out of helping people.  As Telematics Manager for ClearConnect Solutions, Jessica especially loves helping her fleet owners flourish.  

“I love my job,” Jessica said. “It’s great when you are helping people who are building a new business from the ground up, doing what I can to help make their life a little easier.”  Approaching her second work anniversary with ClearConnect Solutions, Jessica says she has fallen in love with the industry. She had previous experience in transportation doing permit filings for the DMV, but she soon realized she wasn’t feeding her passion. 

“In the DMV you help a lot of people, but it’s all task oriented, and then you go to the next one,” she said. “I wasn’t supporting a business or startup as a whole – and all of the different issues that they face.” In her role with ClearConnect Solutions Telematics, she uses her expertise to help fleet owners who want to:

  • Improve their data capture and analytics
  • Apply the resultant insight into significant gains for their business.

“It’s exciting to have my hand in so many different pots,” Jessica remarked.

Vehicle Telematics

In the transportation industry, vehicle telematics continues to grow in importance, as fleet owners are becoming increasingly aware of the applications for high quality data analytics. Jessica said her fleet operators are learning that they can utilize telematic data to run their operations more efficiently and profitably, while also improving safety and compliance.

“Reporting can be used for so many things, like an operational lens, letting our fleet owners know when maintenance is due, as an example,” said Jessica.  “Our fleet owners can learn a lot about their drivers’ behavior from telematics, especially when they have new drivers in the fleet.  Is fuel consumption not where it should be because the driver is accelerating or braking incorrectly? Are they speeding? That can cause accidents,” she continued. 

Being bilingual is a big advantage for Jessica in her career. “I was originally brought on to be a bilingual compliance coordinator,” Jessica explained. “My job was to provide service for the Spanish speaking persons who are clients, to be able to truly understand what they need. A large portion of our clients are Spanish speaking, and details are important and must be explained correctly to our fleet owner audience,” she said. 

Data and Reporting – a Valuable Tool for Fleet Owners

Eventually Jessica was promoted to Telematics Manager. As her drivers became more comfortable working with her, they began to learn about what telematics could do for them. “They began to reach out more, to raise their hand,” she said. Jessica’s approach has resulted in growth for ClearConnect Solutions Telematics.

Jessica’s passion to help is her guide. “The purpose of the data is not to just monitor but to offer insights on things you might not know are happening,” she says. “Data is the start, and the sooner a small fleet owner can see that reporting can be used as a valuable tool, they will get that value in return. I put it to them this way – why don’t we step back and look at the big picture.  Break it down and let’s gain some insights.”

Helping fleet owners better manage their business through the insights gained from high quality data is what makes Jessica’s day. As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, it’s worth noting Jessica’s commitment to inclusivity that comes to life through leveraging telematics data to ensure better road safety and improved operations for all drivers.