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Product Specialist Nick Rice on Bringing Safety, Risk Mitigation, and Compliance to Commercial Transportation Insurance

December 20, 2023 | By ClearConnect Solutions

Nick Rice, Product Specialist at ClearConnect Solutions

Nick Rice, Product Specialist at ClearConnect Solutions, is one of the world’s better helpers. “When I’m gone one day I hope to have left the world a better place,” Nick remarks.. “Whether it’s briefly holding eye contact or a quick acknowledgement to a passerby; or pushing a grocery cart in the parking lot back to where it should be; all the little things add up to the big thing. Or the simple act of buying someone a coffee. Smile and they smile back.” His benevolent approach is evident in Nick’s every endeavor.

Helping Insurers with Compliance and Risk Mitigation

When it comes to work, Nick loves helping clients of ClearConnect Solutions – the insurance agents, MGAs, coverholders, and underwriters who do business for the commercial transportation industry. Nick’s definition of success is crystal clear.

“At the end of the day, our goal is to make the roads safer.”

Safer roads make the world a better place for drivers of all sorts, fleet owners, and insurers. One of Nick’s responsibilities at ClearConnect Solutions is to educate prospective clients on how they can mitigate risk after the policy is declared by leveraging the ClearConnect Solutions product suite. “Very few actually monitor fleet actions during the policy,” he says. “Telematics- cameras, ELD’s – can be such valuable tools for measuring braking, running stop signs, etc. Our work is to get these tools in front of fleets.”

Developing a Passion for Connection

Nick Rice as a child in Oregon
Born in Albany, Oregon, Nick is one of four kids raised by parents who have been married fifty-two years, living in the same house where they raised their family.

After a childhood in Albany, Oregon, Nick began to spread his wings. “I went to Oregon State, which is only about fifteen minutes away from Albany. After graduating with a degree in Business, I moved to Portland for a year or so. Then, to escape the Oregon rain, I moved on to Phoenix. I had no job lined up and no idea what I was going to do. I just wanted a dry climate.”



Nick Rice of ClearConnect Solutions traveling the world.

He moved in with a friend who had an extra bedroom and worked a variety of jobs in Phoenix. It was there where he met his wife, Zoey. “I always had confidence in figuring stuff out.” Nick’s comfort in his own skin and sense of adventure and resolve are evident in his love for travel, connecting with people, and the great outdoors.

A typical workday for Nick involves staging product demos for agents to help them understand the benefits of ClearConnect Solutions’ products, like Clear Trac, offering end-to-end regulatory compliance and risk mitigation solutions. After an insurer completes binding and declaring a policy, Clear Trac launches into action. Its integrative capabilities assure insurers (and fleet managers) that drivers are operating with the best tools available to assure safe operations and regulatory compliance.

Features of ClearTrac

  • Driver qualifications
  • Drug screening
  • Safety training
  • Background checks
  • MVR reports
  • Telematics
  • Risk profiles
  • Court records
  • Auto adjudication

Business Growth is a Family Affair

As Product Specialist with ClearConnect Solutions, Nick affirms his responsibility is “somewhat of a sales role. Trying to get the ClearConnect Solutions name out there, finding as many new agencies as possible to help. We want our clients to succeed,” states Nick. “The more they succeed, the safer the roads are, and more risk is lowered.”

Nick began work with ClearConnect Solutions a little over three years ago, providing Customer Service.  Nick reflects, “ClearConnect Solutions was always a place where I wanted to work because of my relationship with Scott (Scott Grandys, President at ClearConnect Solutions). Zoey Medrano, our Operations Manager, is my wife and Scott is my father-in-law, so it feels a lot like a family business and that provides the biggest motivation to keep it all  moving along and growing.  You never want to let family down, which also means that I’ve worked some long days and rarely take a true day off.”

Nick Rice and wife Zoey Medrano of ClearConnect Solutions.
Nick with his wife, Zoey, and their fur-kids; Tilly, Beau and Koa.

“There’s always somebody we can help.”

Nick says the biggest challenge is getting the ClearConnect Solutions name out there. “The products we have and the things we can help companies in the transportation world accomplish are huge, but we must be able to get in front of the right fleets, insurance companies, MGA’s, etc.  That’s my vision for ClearConnect Solutions and in my role especially; to grow the company, continue to learn, have some fun, and make a lot of lasting friendships along the way.”