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The THREE C’S OF TELEMATICS: What Kind of Fleet Data is CAPTURED With a Telematics System

August 11, 2023 | By ClearConnect Solutions

The Three C’s of Telematics Data: CAPTURE, CRUNCH and CRITIQUE!

Today, we’re distilling–what can often feel like a complicated topic–fleet telematics. Whether you’re an owner-operator or fleet manager, have anywhere from one to 100 vehicles, we’ll help you understand telematics better and show you how to use those amazing data points to your advantage!

We’re calling it The Three C’s of Telematics Data: 



CAPTURE the DATA – What kind of data is generated and captured with a telematics system?

Imagine being a passenger in every vehicle, on every route, every day.

With the ClearTelematics, powered by Matrix iQ, you’ll be connected to your entire fleet by “CAPTURING” critical data about your vehicles and drivers–all through one telematics platform. Our combined technologies in risk mitigation and fleet telematics enable us to extract data points from all aspects of your fleet operation.

Harnessing your fleet data just got a lot easier.

With telematics data, you’ll get insider intelligence delivered seamlessly through API integration.

– DRIVER DATA: speed, idle time, hard-braking, acceleration, and alertness (related to sleep) and distractions like texting

– VEHICLE DATA: maintenance alerts, GPS location, fuel consumption and usage, and crashes

Capturing and interpreting data about your vehicles and drivers, with a telematics system, will keep you informed and ahead of the competition.

Stay tuned for our next feature–CRUNCH the DATA–in the Three C’s of Telematics!

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