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ClearConnect Solutions and TruckSpy Partner for the Next Generation in Driver Safety

April 04, 2023 | By ClearConnect Solutions
Truck driver with dash cam onboard safety monitoring.

ClearConnect Solutions has partnered with TruckSpy, providing an AI onboard safety monitoring (OSM) and coaching system, to combine its advanced risk management and compliance technologies with TruckSpy’s cutting-edge driver dash cam. Together, their solutions will make a real impact on the safety of your fleet. 

In today’s blog post, we investigate the latest tools for controlling loss, driver safety and the significant advancements that technology like artificial intelligence (AI), video-based dash cams, vehicle telematics, and data capture are making in transportation, trucking, and fleet management. 

Commercial Vehicle and Trucking - Violation and Accident Reporting

For truck drivers and fleet owners, these statistics don’t just represent a decline in workplace (on the road) safety – they represent higher projected costs. 

Collisions are expensive, even when they’re not fatal. When a collision occurs, consider the potential costs associated with the consequences:

  • Higher insurance premiums
  • Driver-leave
  • Training a replacement driver
  • Administrative resources to tackle paperwork
  • Legal fees, and more

The FMCSA calculates the average cost of a commercial truck accident (with one person who is injured) to be $148,279.  

Controlling loss is an uphill battle in today’s trucking industry; however, advances in technology like ClearConnect Solutions’ risk management and compliance services combined with fleet management and safety training through TruckSpy’s Driver•i platform, can make a long-lasting, positive change. Onboard safety monitoring (OSM) systems are a powerful and beneficial solution to reducing losses linked to driver safety and compliance—both companies offer unique and essential OSM services for the commercial transportation industry.

What is Onboard Safety Monitoring and How Can It Benefit My Fleet Program?

Beyond regulatory compliance and screenings, risk mitigation further improves with the data capture and analytics made available through onboard safety monitoring (OSM) technologies. OSM systems provide on-going as well as event-specific data on driving behaviors that used to be difficult for fleet managers to obtain. There are different types of OSMs, and they primarily fall into two categories: vehicle telematics, like ClearTelematics and video-based dash cams, such as Driver•i

OSMs track risky driving behaviors such as speeding, rapid acceleration, hard-braking, usage of seat belts, signaling to turn, vehicle following distance, and lane departures.

ClearTelematics is a vehicle telematics OSM solution offered by ClearConnect Solutions to drivers and fleet owners. As mentioned in our previous blog post, Telematics Coordinator Stefany Barragan on Loving Your Work and Developing Discipline for Customer Success, vehicle telematics starts with a simple installed device to collect transportation data. The data is then analyzed and interpreted to coach drivers and create safer, more cost-effective driving behaviors. ClearConnect Solutions’ risk-scoring technology platform interacts with live telematics data as part of a driver’s complete risk profile to understand the daily performance of the driver against fundamental compliance criteria.

ClearTrac by ClearConnect Solutions is a risk mitigation and compliance solution for fleet owners and transportation companies. ClearTrac helps fleet managers simplify onboarding and regulatory compliance and get in the driver’s seat when it comes to managing risk. It comes as no surprise that ClearTrac’s key differentiator is a robust data platform that enables fleet managers to stay ahead of compliance expiration dates and easily access screening records like background checks, drug testing, and Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) reports in one central hub. ClearTrac helps transportation company owners keep a close watch on risk and take a proactive approach to protecting the company’s people, brand, and profits. 

Improving Driver Safety and Controlling Loss

For a fleet owner or owner-operator, a fleet safety and loss prevention program is a game plan to improve driver safety, meet compliance regulations, reduce risk, and ultimately improve outcomes. While there are several roadmaps for a successful safety and loss prevention program – and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach – it’s clear that the programs that are led by data and combined with positive reinforcement see the highest success rates. 

TruckSpy - The Key to Driver Safety

TruckSpy brings a variety of products and solutions to the transportation industry. Their revolutionary fleet safety and coaching solution  – powered by artificial intelligence (AI) – is a game changer for accelerating fleet safety programs and controlling loss. This product is Driver•i, a video-based OSM dash cam that goes further than traditional g-force based systems, detecting more nuanced risky driving behaviors, such as:

  • Distracted driving
  • Drowsiness
  • Running stop signs
  • Failing to obey traffic signals

Driver•i - An AI-Powered Dash Cam for Revolutionary Fleet Safety

TruckySpy’s Driver•i dash cam makes it simple to reduce risky driving behavior – fast –  by capturing positive and negative driving events and sending audible safety alerts to drivers in real-time. When it comes to fleet safety training, Driver•i makes coaching effective and customizable.

How Dash Cam Safety Monitoring Works with Driver•i

  • Safety managers review dash cam recordings and alert drivers to coachable driving events. 
  • Drivers watch flagged recorded events and acknowledge their manager’s coaching and feedback – all with ease and on their tablet. 
  • Coaching sessions can take place anywhere, at any time – streamlining safety training for fleets.

Driver•i makes driver-scoring more fair, transparent and, dare we say, fun?

With the ability to gamify driver-scoring by making safety scores viewable to everyone in a dashboard-like setting, drivers compete to improve their driver safety score and outshine their fellow drivers. TruckSpy has documented success with clients taking this competitive approach to safety with their fleet, resulting in improved driver safety scores, higher morale, and better driver retention.  

More About TruckSpy

TruckSpy President, Flint Holbrook, is no stranger to the transportation industry and experienced first-hand – as President and Founder of Fidus Transportation in Fort Worth, Texas – the need for innovation in fleet management, including safety, compliance, and driver monitoring. Flint’s spirited entry into the world of transportation and trucking followed an early career consulting for software development and IT teams. His acumen in technology, business, and transportation set the stage for the creation of TruckSpy and its solutions that are designed to fix the problems Flint was desperate, as a fleet owner, to solve. 

In a recent interview with the ClearConnect Solutions team, Flint noted the essence of a successful fleet operation. 

“Safety is the most important thing. It’s non-negotiable. If you can’t operate safely, you probably won’t be in business for too long.” 

Flint and the TruckSpy team continue to build cutting-edge technology solutions for trucking companies and transportation enterprises across the nation. 

The TruckSpy and ClearConnect Solutions Difference

Together, TruckSpy and ClearConnect Solutions are making a dramatic difference in risk mitigation – reducing risky driving behaviors with a full suite of fleet management solutions and cutting edge onboard safety monitoring technologies. With ClearTelematics real-time vehicle telematics data and Driver•i’s AI-powered dash cam technology, fleet owners and safety managers can leverage innovative solutions to invigorate safety programs with robust data and make driver coaching more customizable and impactful than ever. 

Learn more about our ClearMarketplace partnership and TruckSpy’s Driver•i solution today. AI-powered driver safety, for impactful results.