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Telematics Coordinator Stefany Barragan on Loving Your Work and Developing Discipline for Customer Success

October 13, 2022 | By ClearConnect Solutions

telematics coordinator Stefany Barragan


Working with Telematics Manager Jessica Perez on the ClearConnect Solutions Telematics Team is Stefany Barragan. Telematics Coordinator since Spring 2022, Stefany serves fleet owners to ensure compliance through vehicle telematics.

Vehicle Telematics

The concept of vehicle telematics and telematics insurance is simple, while its widespread applications can become more complex. With telematics, drivers and fleet owners collect data in real time by installing a small device on their trucks. That data is then analyzed and interpreted to create safer, more efficient, and more cost-effective driving behaviors. 

A Passion for Customer Success

Stefany has worked in customer service for over ten years. A “people person”, Stefany says she “likes to talk to people, it’s something I enjoy. I guess you would say I’m an outgoing person. I like to help people.”

Indeed, she does. Contributing toward the mission of ClearConnect Solutions to mitigate commercial driver risks, Stefany brings value to her clients by listening to their needs and explaining how telematics can help. That solution includes lowering risk, providing information to avoid collisions and other accidents, reporting claims in real-time, and lowering fuel costs.

Stefany says discovering pleasure in her work is multi-fold. “First, the work-team environment is great!” she remarks. “I enjoy working with my teammates Jessica Perez and Edgar Leon as we help our clients.  Helping our drivers, owner-operators, and fleet owners succeed – that’s something I’m always proud of.”

Her Mexican Heritage

Born and raised in Mexico City until age thirteen, she now resides in Los Angeles. When Stefany reflects on her heritage,  what stands out is the joy of being surrounded by great Mexican gastronomy. “Now I take pride in and love to make food that represents my heritage and share that food with my friends and family. Another amazing tradition that was passed on to me as a Latina is Dia de los Muertos. Every year in November, I place a small altar to remember our loved ones who have passed and place their favorite foods there. It’s a tradition that has lived with me for many years.”

Drive and Discipline

Stefany’s drive and discipline were surely shaped by her childhood regimen as a competitive swimmer. First in Mexico City and subsequently in LA, she practiced the discipline of a typical schedule for a competitive swimmer. “It was up at 4:30 AM, in the pool from 5:00 – 6:30 AM, and then on to school. In the summer, there was afternoon additional Junior Lifeguard training at Venice Beach.” She adds “that was seven hours each day during the summer.” 

She never viewed her schedule as a must-do. In fact, she looked forward to and enjoyed it. She gets the same satisfaction today from her work at ClearConnect Solutions. Stefany enjoys helping her clients. “I really love it and look forward to each day,” she said. It’s not a job where I make myself go to work. I know we are making a difference, and you get to do things you enjoy! I hope to be here helping our clients for many years to come!”