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The Future of Commercial Trucking: 2021 Town Hall Series

January 13, 2021 | By ClearConnect Solutions

Town Hall Series The Future of Commercial Trucking ClearConnect

Since 2014, losses from commercial trucking insurance claims have been on the rise. The severity of loss has accelerated and rates have nearly doubled, creating a real problem for the future of the industry.

With a loss ratio over 100 for over 7 years, how will the industry be able to sustain itself?

In response to this very real threat to motor carriers, drivers, insurers, agents, and retailers, ClearConnect invites you to join us in a Town Hall Series to transparently discuss why this is happening, the potential risk to the industry, and potential solutions with subject matter experts who are advocating change.

From solutioning ideas to help carriers become more selective in the drivers they employ to developing education for insurers to become more aware of the risks to creating an overall standard of excellence for the industry, nothing will be left on the table.

Panelists will drill down into key issues to help the industry avoid negligence and propose a foundation to create a safer, more efficient commercial trucking industry together.

Don’t miss this first town hall session on January 20th. In this session, you’ll:

  • Learn more about common “hurdles to change” in commercial trucking.
  • Gain insight on current loss rates statistics and what they mean for the industry.
  • Observe how technology can help get the right driver behind the wheel.
  • Learn new strategies to manage driver behavior and driver operation.
  • Identify new ways to incentivize good decision making.



Managing Driver Risk and Insurance

January 20 | 10am EST / 3pm GMT




Scott Grandys

Co-Founder of ClearConnect Solutions, LLC and the ClearCoverage Program

With more than two decades of experience in the transportation industry, Scott focuses specifically on technology and compliance by incorporating the technical side of practical applications to create the best practices. Scott has worked hand-in-hand with all necessary components including legality, compliance, technology and insurance.

Phil Powell

Sales Director for Matrix Telematics

Since 2013, Phil has helped Matrix evolve into what is now a business that majors on occupational road risk reduction and safety.  Prior to Matrix, Phil ran his own online distribution business also linked to GPS technology with Sat Nav Warehouse and before that ran sales for a leading manufacturer of GPS navigation solutions.

Mike Clifton

Head of Treaty for Chaucer Syndicate 1084

Mike brings over 25 years of experience in US casualty business, with specialization in WCA, medical malpractice and professional liability.  He started at DP Mann syndicate (Faraday) as Claims Manager before moving to underwriting.  He joined Aspen in 2003, rising to Head of Casualty Treaty.

Mark Tuchmann

CEO of TIP National

Mark is a 30+ year veteran in the transportation and logistics industry with a track record of driving top and bottom-line results through the use of technology, innovation and building teams.  In addition to his CEO role at TIP National, LLC, he maintains various board seats across the private investment, technology, manufacturing and medical industries.