Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Screening and the Benefits of Auto-Adjudication

MVR Screening – How Is It Used in Fleet Insurance and Underwriting? MVR screening refers to the process of reviewing an individual’s driving history as recorded by the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or equivalent agency. Insurance companies often use MVR screenings to assess driver risk. The MVR report typically includes information about accidents,

Driver Compliance is All in the Details: A Feature with Compliance Coordinator, Ben Estevez

The devil is in the details. The saying rings especially true for ClearConnect Solutions’ Ben Estevez. Ben’s role in handling compliance for vendors and carriers – and the critical need for accuracy in supporting new bindings and renewals – suits him wholeheartedly. “Attention to detail absolutely activates a part of my brain,” said Ben. “The

Safety As A Service And ClearConnect Solutions – Driver Safety Training And Risk Prevention

Helping drivers be better drivers. Drivers benefit from continuous reminders on safe driving practices, not to mention there are FMCSA requirements for commercial drivers – defensive driving, hours of service, hazardous materials handling and cargo securement. Additionally, drivers must have training for vehicle inspection, maintenance, orientation (for new drivers), accident remediation and recurring safety training.

Business Intelligence Analyst Camille Arts-Lawrence “Paints the Picture”

Making Data Understandable and Actionable Through what means does a self-described introvert find herself playing a significant role in ClearConnect Solutions’ foundational mission – providing end-to-end risk mitigation and regulatory compliance solutions for companies across the transportation industry; and providing insurance underwriters with a more complete picture of their insureds? The answer is the love

CRITIQUE Fleet Data – How Do You Actually Use Telematics Data as Part of Your Business Strategy?

The Three C’s of Telematics Data: CAPTURE, CRUNCH and CRITIQUE! In our series, The Three C’s of Telematics, we’ve already covered two of the three key benefits of a complete telematics system: CAPTURE and CRUNCH the data, and today, we’re finishing it off with the last piece: CRITIQUE the data. Now you might wonder, what

The THREE C’S OF TELEMATICS: What Kind of Fleet Data is CAPTURED With a Telematics System

The Three C’s of Telematics Data: CAPTURE, CRUNCH and CRITIQUE! Today, we’re distilling–what can often feel like a complicated topic–fleet telematics. Whether you’re an owner-operator or fleet manager, have anywhere from one to 100 vehicles, we’ll help you understand telematics better and show you how to use those amazing data points to your advantage! We’re

National Safety Month: A 360-degree View of Driver Health and Safety

June is National Safety Month! What better time to explore a 360-degree view of driver health and safety – taking stock of our preferred vendor partners in the ClearMarketplace who are helping fleet owners and truck drivers across the nation live safer, healthier, more rewarding lives. Let’s get started with how to cultivate a culture

ClearConnect Solutions and Matrix iQ (formerly Matrix Telematics) Partner to Offer the Transportation and Insurance Industries Proactive Risk Mitigation Technology

This article was updated on 6/7/2023 and was originally published on 5/5/2020. Purcellville, VA – ClearConnect Solutions Group, LLC, a leader in assisting the transportation and insurance industries with the management of risk, partners with Matrix iQ (formerly Matrix Telematics) to provide a unique risk mitigation technology that will help the transportation and insurance industries

ClearConnect Solutions and TruckSpy Partner for the Next Generation in Driver Safety

ClearConnect Solutions has partnered with TruckSpy, providing an AI onboard safety monitoring (OSM) and coaching system, to combine its advanced risk management and compliance technologies with TruckSpy’s cutting-edge driver dash cam. Together, their solutions will make a real impact on the safety of your fleet. In today’s blog post, we investigate the latest tools for