Product Specialist Nick Rice on Bringing Safety, Risk Mitigation, and Compliance to Commercial Transportation Insurance

Nick Rice, Product Specialist at ClearConnect Solutions

Nick Rice, Product Specialist at ClearConnect Solutions, is one of the world’s better helpers. “When I’m gone one day I hope to have left the world a better place,” Nick remarks.. “Whether it’s briefly holding eye contact or a quick acknowledgement to a passerby; or pushing a grocery cart in the parking lot back to

Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Screening and the Benefits of Auto-Adjudication

MVR Screening – How Is It Used in Fleet Insurance and Underwriting? MVR screening refers to the process of reviewing an individual’s driving history as recorded by the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or equivalent agency. Insurance companies often use MVR screenings to assess driver risk. The MVR report typically includes information about accidents,