Behind the Scene in the World of Telematics with Jessica Perez

Risky Business
Risky Business
Behind the Scene in the World of Telematics with Jessica Perez

Jessica Perez is the Telematics Manager at Clear Connect Solutions. They assist the transportation and insurance industries with risk management through niche products, services, and partnerships focused on compliance assessment and risk analysis.

We discuss all you need to know about truck telematics, why AI cameras are the trucking industry’s biggest asset, and the greatest thing about crash reporting.

[00:00] Introduction
[02:01] The Challange with Telematics
[04:05] The Importance of Data in Truck Telematics
[05:40] What You Need to Know About Fleet Telematics
[09:27] AI Crash Reporting
[13:00] The Greatest Thing About Crash Reporting
[14:51] The Real-Time Impact of AI Truck Cameras
[19:19] Telematics and Drivers Arguing with Data
[23:00] The Most Exciting Part of Jessica’s Job
[26:08] What Telematics is All About
[34:23] Funny Stories From Jessica’s Line of Work
[37:58] Parting Thoughts

Telematics in the Trucking Industry
Telematics has really transformed the trucking industry. Drivers and industry stakeholders agree that telematics has improved their daily workflow transforming it into smarter and faster fleet operations. Gone are the days when trucks could go into the wilderness without tracking or driver access. Today, fleets are interconnected in ways that seemed impossible before. According to Jessica, the technology is so important that it simply can’t be ignored. She explains that telematics has improved the maintenance, tracking, and reporting of fleets, thereby increasing fuel efficiency, communication, road safety, and navigation.

So what’s driving this global trend in telematics adoption? For Jessica, fleet owners are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of high-quality data analytics. Secondly, safety has become extremely important, and protecting the driver is essential. Jessica reveals that her fleet operators are learning to utilize telematic data to run their operations more efficiently and profitably, while improving safety and compliance.